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The Repertorium is a free German-language reference work for the history of the German Middle Ages from about 750-1500. It provides a large catalog of authors and works who discuss the history of the region that is today German. Entries frequently provide links to digitized manuscripts and texts on external websites when available. There are also a number of tags to sort entries, including by lists of saints and places in addition to a search function.

Resource details:

Resource Type: BibliographyCatalogLinked Open DataPortal/GatewaySearchable BibliographySearchable Database

License: Creative CommonsNo Fee

Modern Language: German

Medieval content details:

Dates: 750 - 1500

Subject: Early Germanic PeoplesGeographyGermanyHistoryTowns, Cities

Type/Genre of Medieval Primary Source Material: AccountsChartersChronicles, AnnalsContracts, Property TransactionsCouncil Proceedings, MinutesCourtsEpiscopal RegistersGenealogy, HeraldryHagiographyLegal CodesLegislationLetters, PetitionsLiteratureReligious TextsRulesTextual EvidenceTreatiesTreatisesWills, Inventories

Geopolitical Region: AustriaEastern EuropeEuropeGerman LandsGermanyHoly Roman EmpireLow CountriesPrussia

The borders of what we now call Germany were not defined as such in the Middle Ages hence why the Low Countries and Eastern Europe are included as other subject terms.

Original Language: Early New High GermanGermanLatinMiddle High GermanMiddle Low GermanOld FrankishOld High German