Alternate names/spellings: Adam Parvipontanus

Dates: 1100 - 1169 (Dates are approximate. ) 

Adam Parvipontanus (or Adam of Balsham) (c. 1100/2 – c. 1157/69) was an Anglo-Norman scholastic and churchman. Adam was born in Balsham, near Cambridge, England. He studied with Peter Lombard at the University of Paris. He later taught at Paris; among his pupils were John of Salisbury and William of Tyre. Gabriel Nuchelmans surmises that he may have been the first person to introduce the term enuntiabile, which came to be used in the same sense as dictum. Many sources have assumed Adam of Balsham and Adam, Bishop of St Asaph (or Adam the Welshman) to be the same person, although Raymond Klibansky concludes that they were two different men.