Alternate names/spellings: Aimery de Peguilhan

Dates: 1190 - 1221 () 

Born to a merchant family in Toulouse, the troubadour Aimeric de Peguilhan first joined the court of Raimon V in Toulouse, and later travelled extensively among various Iberian courts, including those of Alfonso VIII of Castile and Peter II of Aragon, before establishing himself in Lombardy. Aimeric is known to have composed at least fifty works, the music for six of which survives:

*Atressi’m pren com fai al jogador

  • Cel que s’irais ni guerrej’ ab amor
  • En Amor trop alques en que•m refraing
  • En greu pantais m’a tengut longamen
  • Per solatz d’autrui chan soven
  • Qui la vi, en ditz