Title: queen of Austrasia and Burgundy

Alternate names/spellings:

Dates: 545 - 613 (Dates are approximate. ) 

A Visigothic princess, Brunhild was married to Sigebert of Metz (son of Clothar I), who converted her from Arian to orthodox Christianity. This religious shift led to continued good relations between Brunhild and Pope Gregory I. Brunhild served as regent over Austrasia and Burgundy for her son, Childebert II, until 596, and then continued as regent for her grandsons Theodebert II and Theoderic II. As the result of increasingly hostile relations with her nephew, Clothar II, Brunhild was captured and brutally executed around 613. During her four decades in power, Brunhild maintained relations with Spain, Byzantium, and the papacy, demonstrating diplomacy and political skill.

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