Title: Saint

Alternate names/spellings: John of the Cross

Dates: 349 - 407 (Dates are approximate. ) 

John Chrysostom was an important Early Church Father in the fourth century. He lived as a hermit for two years before returning to Antioch to serve as a deacon and then priest. In 398 he was appointed bishop of Constantinople. Because of the many reforms he made, Chrysostom was unpopular among the upper-class and most importantly, became an enemy of the empress Eudoxia. She asked for Theophilus, patriarch of Alexandria, to send Chrysostom into exile, although the decision was temporarily reversed. In 404 he was sent into exile for a second time where he fell into poor health and died a few years later. During his lifetime, he was also known throughout the Byzantine Empire for his skill in rhetoric and as a theological writer. Chrysostom left more writings than any other Greek Father, including homilies, letters and many shorter works. TLM

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