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Dates: 263 - 340 (Dates are approximate. ) 

Eusebius was a Palestinian historian and theologian who is known as the "Father of Church History." Around 313 he was appointed Bishop of Caesarea. He is sometimes known as Eusebius Pamphili after his teacher Pamphilus from whom he learned the teachings of Origen, an early Christian theologian. He also played a prominent role in the Council of Nicaea in 325 and was involved in the Arian Controversy as a result of his belief in a hierarchical Trinity, which derived from Origen. Eusebius wrote a number of works, although not all are extant. The Chronicle is a universal history which only survives in fragments or in translation. Other major works include a chronology of the early Church called Ecclesiastical History and the Life of Constantine, a biography of the Emperor. Other works include minor histories, apologetic and dogmatic writings, exegetical works and letters. TLM