Alternate names/spellings: Gervas us Dorobornensis

Dates: 1141 - 1210 (These are the dates Gervase of Canterbury flourished. ) 

Gervase was a monk of Christ’s Church, Canterbury, possibly of Kentish origins, ordained by Thomas Becket in 1163. He played an important role in the debates between the monks and Archbishop Baldwin of Canterbury, which he presented before the pope in Rome and King Richard I. In 1193, he was given the role of sacristan, or the officer who takes care of the sacristy, the church, and their contents. Little is known about the rest of Gervase’s life except for his writings: The Chronicle (events from _1100 to 1199), Gesta Regum (a shortened version of The Chronicle with events after 1199), Actus Pontificum Cantuariensis Ecclesiae (a history of the archbishops of Canterbury), and Mappa Mundi (a map with lists of the bishoprics of England, Wales and Scotland). TLM