Alternate names/spellings: Gilbert of Poitiers, Gilbertus Porretanus or Pictaviensis

Dates: 1075 - 1154 (Dates are approximate. ) 

Gilbert was a biblical commentator and early scholastic theologian. He was chancellor of Chartres before becoming Bishop of Poitiers in 1142. Gilbert is chiefly remembered for his heterodox Christology, which he outlined in his most important work, a commentary on the theological texts of Boethius. Though not formally condemned for his ideas, Gilbert was forced to “correct” them by Papal injunction at Reims in 1148. He also wrote commentaries on the Psalter and the Pauline Epistles. Gilbert originated the school of Porretans (porretani).
Note that, like fellow Boethian commentator William of Conches, Gilbert was a pupil of Bernard of Chartres.