Title: Saint

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Dates: 330 - 390 (Dates are approximate. ) 

Gregory was born in Arianzus in Asia Minor around 325 to Gregory, Bishop of Nazianzus. His father sent him to the famous school in Caesarea, Cappadocia where he was educated by Carterius. There he met Basil of Caesarea. The two continued their education together in Athens where they studied rhetoric under the famous teachers Himerius and Proaeresius. In the following years he decided to devote his life to God, living as a hermit for a time before returning home to help his father. When Cappadocia was split in half, Basil wanted to make Gregory the first bishop of Sasima but he refused, causing a permanent rift in their friendship. Instead Gregory returned to Nazianzus as coajutor to his father and continued to administrate after his father’s death, though he did not want the title. During this time the Emperor Theodosius I removed many of the heretics that held power and appointed Gregory bishop of Constantinople at the First Council of Constantinople in 381. However, Gregory soon resigned and returned to Nazianzus to prepare for his death. During his lifetime, Gregory made a significant impact on Trinitarian theology and is known for his defense of the Nicene doctrine of the Trinity. He is also the author of an autobiographical poem, about a hundred shorter poems and religious works. TLM