Alternate names/spellings: Hermannus Contractus, Hermannus Augiensis, Herman the Cripple, Herman the Lame

Dates: 1013 - 1054 () 

Herman of Reichenau (1013-54), or Herman the Lame, was a Benedictine monk at Reichenau and a composer, music theorist, astronomer, philosopher and chronicler. A prolific writer, Herman was highly renowned for his works on science and theology and then, after he was blinded late in life, his musical compositions. Berthold of Reichenau (d. 1088) was a Benedictine monk at Reichenau Abbey. He was a pupil of Herman of Reichenau and was entrusted by his master with the continuation of his chronicle. Bernold of St. Blasien, also known as Bernold of Constance, (1054-1100) was a church administrator, papal legate and, later and life, a Benedictine monk at the Abbey of St. Blasien. Bernold’s treatises and chronicle are both known for their strong advocacy of Church reform.