Alternate names/spellings: Bahāʼ al-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Rāfiʻ Ibn Shaddād

Dates: 1145 - 1234 () 

Bahā’ ad-DÄ«n Yusuf ibn Rafi ibn Shaddād (Arabic: بهاء الدين ابن شداد‎; the honorific title "Bahā’ al-DÄ«n" means "splendour of the faith") (7 March 1145 – 8 November 1234) was a Kurdish, Muslim jurist and scholar from Mosul. He was a professor (mu’id and mudarris) at Baghdad and Mosul before being recruited to the service of Saladin, of whom he was a companion until the general’s death. Afterward he was a judge (qadi) at Aleppo until his own death.