Alternate names/spellings: James

Dates: 1160 - 1240 (Dates are approximate. ) 

Jacques de Vitry was born at Vitry-sur-Seine around 1160. He studied at the University of Paris and returned there for his ordination to the priesthood. In 1210, he became a canon regular at the church of Saint-Nicolas d’Oignies and was elected bishop of Ance in 1214. He preached the Albigensian Crusade from 1211 to 1213 and took part in the Fifth Crusade. After returning to Europe in 1227, he became cardinal bishop of Frascati. He died in Rome in 1240. The most important of his works was Historia Hierosolymitana, a history of the Holy Land. He is also known for his sermons and letters to Pope Honorius III. TLM