Alternate names/spellings: Jacobi Grace Kilkenniensis

Dates: 1537 - 1539 () 

James Grace of Kilkenny is the supposed author of Annals Hibernaie . Little is known of Grace other than he was a native of Kilkenny. An indication of pedigree has been detracted from a rough sketch of a coat of arms located on the final page of the MS. The coat bears resemblance to that of the Grace family of Gracefield (Co. Kilkenny), who were a branch of the ancient family of the Graces, Barons of Courtstown, the descendants of Raymond le Gros, who came to Ireland in the reign of Henry II. In the Memoirs of the Grace Family, Grace is said to have belonged to the Priory of St. John, in Kilkenny, and to have been Prior elect when he fell victim to the plague.