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Dates: 1342 - 1423 (Dates are approximate. ) 

Julian of Norwich was one of the first women to write in Middle English. Her two works recount a series of visions she experienced during a near-fatal illness which she suffered as a young woman in 1373. Soon after recovering, Julian wrote down these vivid visions in A Vision Showed to a Devout Woman. Julian then became an anchorite and devoted herself to a life of contemplation. In the mid 1390s, as a result of much meditation and two secondary visions, Julian composed a second, much longer work entitled A Revelation of Love. This piece is an ambitious re-working of A Vision elaborating earlier theological themes and incorporating and exploring complex new material. The main theme of both of her works is the endless, overflowing nature of God’s love and the limitless comfort that can be drawn from such unconditional love.

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