Alternate names/spellings: Paulus Orosius

Dates: 400 - 500 (Dates are approximate. ) 

Orosius was probably born in Portugal between 380 and 390. He went to northern Africa around 414 to consult Augustine at Hippo on several controversies in the Church and was sent to aid St. Jerome against Palagius, who was spreading false doctrines in Palestine. On his was home Orosius stopped at Minorca where he left the relics of St. Stephen before deciding to stay in Africa. There he wrote Historiae adversum paganos about the calamities of the world before Christianity, later translated into Anglo-Saxon by Alfred the Great. His two earlier works are Liber apologeticus de arbitrii libertate, about his time in Palestine, and Consultatio sive commonitorium ad Augustinum de errore Priscillianistarum et Origenistarum. TLM

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