Title: Kouropalates; Droungarios tes viglas

Alternate names/spellings: Ἰοαννης Σκυλιτζη; Ioannes Scylitza; John Thrakesios

Dates: 1040 - 1110 (Dates are approximate. ) 

In the late 11th century, John Skylitzes held top positions in the imperial court at Constantinople, including Kouropalates
(chief care-taker of the palace), and droungarios tes viglas (commander of the watch, or emperor’s bodyguards). He is also identified as "John Thrakesios," from the Thrakesion theme in western Asia Minor. Subsequent members of his family would continue to occupy important administrative positions in Byzantine society until at least the mid 13th century. John Skylitzes occupied his administrative positions during the reign of Alexios Komnenos (1081-1118). During this time (probably in the final years of the 11th century), the highly-educated Skylitzes wrote his Synopsis Historiarum ("Synopsis of Histories"), the work for which he is primarily known. It spans from the death of Nicephorus I in 811 to the accession of Isaac I Komnenos in 1057. However, some manuscripts include an extended section entitled Skylitzes Continuatus, which ends with Alexios I Komnenos’ accession in 1081. It is uncertain as to the authorship of this portion of the text. Skylitzes’ Synopsis enjoyed great success, was copied extensively, and was used as a source by a number of subsequent Byzantine historians.