Alternate names/spellings: Wycliffe, Wiclif

Dates: 1324 - 1384 (Dates are approximate. ) 

John Wyclif was born in Hipswell, Yorkshire and began his education at Oxford, studying mathematics, natural science and theology, finally receiving his Doctor of Divinity around 1372. Wyclif became Master of Balliol College in 1360 and was appointed by Simon Islip, Archbishop of Canterbury, as warden of Canterbury Hall. A reformer, Wycliffe voiced his opinions about the Church in Summa theologiae and parliament in De civili dominio. Wyclif’s radical beliefs and outspokenness often caused controversy, but he was usually protected from harm by Oxford. He also believed strongly in the translation of the Bible into the vernacular and was the founder of the Lollard Movement, which was condemned as heretical because of its Scriptural emphasis, rejection of the doctrine of Transubstantiation, criticism of the wealth of the clergy and questioning of the Church’s authority. TLM

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