Project Status: Ongoing

The Carolingian Canon Law project is a searchable, electronic rendition of works of canon law used by Carolingian readers. This project maps the extent of variation in “standard” legal texts known to Carolingian readers, and identifies particular points of variation. In addition to clarifying the textual history of medieval canon law, the project will provide historical and bibliographic annotation of several hundred canons used by jurists before, during, and after the Carolingian period. We invite all scholars of medieval canon law to contribute translations, annotations, transcriptions, and comments. All such contributions are publicly credited. To contribute, please register for an account.

Resource details:

Resource Type: CatalogCrowd-sourced databaseSearchable Database

License: Creative CommonsNo Fee

Modern Language: English

Medieval content details:

Dates: 400 - 1000

The database of Latin texts comprises any canon law that might have been available, in theory, to Carolingian readers. That means that there are texts from the fourth century as well as from the ninth. These texts are supplied as transcriptions, either partial or complete, of surviving manuscripts. Because Carolingian canon law collections often survive in tenth-century (and later) manuscripts, the CCL is publishing transcriptions of tenth-century manuscripts as well as earlier ones. It is, of course, always advisable to confirm the assigned date of the manuscript.

Subject: LawReligious Law

Type/Genre of Medieval Primary Source Material: Legal Codes

Geopolitical Region: EuropeFrance

Original Language: Latin