Project Status: Complete

Saints in Scottish Place-Names is a research project published by the University of Glasgow that seeks to catalog all the place names in Scotland derived from saints. The majority of the over 13,000 place names cataloged derive from the medieval period and from the many historical languages of Scotland, including Norse, Scots, Latin, and Gaelic. Users are able to search by either place name or saint’s name in addition to a more robust advanced search. Further, users may view a list of places and saints. Individual entries include the place-name, saint, and the source that first lists the place-name. The project also provides a map on which users may see the hagiotoponyms overlaid.

All information on the site is provided free of charge with citation.

Resource details:

Resource Type: CatalogMapSearchable Database

License: Must provide creditNo Fee

Modern Language: English

Medieval content details:

Dates: 400 - 1600

Place-names span the entire medieval period and beyond.

Subject: FolkloreGeographyHistoryLandscape, Natural HistoryMapsSaintsTowns, CitiesTravel, Pilgrimage

Type/Genre of Medieval Primary Source Material: ArchitectureArt and ArtifactsLandscapeMaterial EvidenceTextual Evidence

Geopolitical Region: British Isles and IrelandEuropeIslands: Faroe, Hebrides, Man, Orkney, ShetlandScotland

Original Language: CelticEnglishLatinNorseOld EnglishScotsScottish Gaelic