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A searchable database of noble officeholders in the city of Venice from 1332-1524, drawn from the nine registers of the Segretario alle Voci, and elections to the Senate, the Council of Ten, and the Great Council, and originally published as Rulers of Venice, 1332-1524: Interpretations, Methods, Database (Renaissance Society of America, 2007). The site includes an introduction and four essays written by the editors to provide an orientation to and case studies of the material, and interactive maps of the parishes of Venice, the mainland, the Adriatic and Ionian seas, and Venice in the Aegean. The editors also provide the transcriptions of their sources along with images of the original manuscript via ACLS Humanities E-Book.

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Resource Type: Downloadable dataE-bookRelational Database

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Modern Language: English

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Dates: 1332 - 1524

Subject: GovernmentNobility, GentryTowns, Cities

Type/Genre of Medieval Primary Source Material: Council Proceedings, MinutesTextual Evidence

Geopolitical Region: EuropeItaly

Original Language: Latin