Project Status: Ongoing

Decameron Web offers an integrated digital platform for the study of Boccaccio’s major work, The Decameron. Users are able to navigate material pertaining to the historical, literary, and cultural contexts of the Decameron’s production and reception and to access a full text of the work in its original Italian and English translation. The site incorporates educational activities for teachers and interactive resources for students. The Decameron Web is the only digital resource currently available for the study of Boccaccio’s Decameron and is a very valuable tool for students, scholars, and instructors alike.

* National History Day Selected Resource *

Resource details:

Resource Type: MapMultimediaPortal/GatewayTeaching ResourcesText: MedievalText: Modern

License: Must provide creditNo Fee

Modern Language: English

Language of Modern Translation: English

Medieval content details:

Dates: 1330 - 1400

Subject: AnticlericalismClergyGenderMendicantsMonksNobility, GentryNunsPlague, DiseasePriests, Bishops, CanonsRecreation, EntertainmentTowns, CitiesWomenWomen Religious

Type/Genre of Medieval Primary Source Material: Comedy, SatireLiteratureProseTextual Evidence

Geopolitical Region: EuropeItaly

Original Language: Italian

Medieval Creators: Boccaccio, Giovanni