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Provides a new edition, in progress, of the complete theoretical works of fifteenth-century music theorist and lawyer Johannes Tinctoris (c. 1435-1511), along with modern commentary on the texts and their manuscript tradition.

The Early Music Theory website is an evolving scholarly resource dedicated to a variety of issues relating to the notation and intellectual context of music in the medieval and early modern period, as well as to the inter-relationships between these issues and musical performance and composition. The first theorist to inhabit this space was the fifteenth-century musician and lawyer Johannes Tinctoris (c. 1435-1511), whose life and works have been the subject of the ongoing research of the site’s founding editor, Ronald Woodley. The site currently includes a biographical outline of Johannes Tinctoris, a bibliography of manuscripts and secondary literature, and two articles by Ronald Woodley on aspects of Tinctoris’ work.

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