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Website of the International Center of Medieval Arts, which promotes the study and understanding of visual arts produced in Europe, the Mediterranean, and Slavic world from c. 300 to c. 1500.  Includes image database (on Flickr), census of dissertations (1982 onwards), the Limestone Sculpture Provenance database, list of grad programs in medieval art history, and membership information on lectures, grants, employment opportunities, and other medieval news.  Access to Gesta (their journal) and current newsletters restricted to members.

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Resource details:

Resource Type: ImagesModernOnline Journal/WebzineScholarly SocietyVideo

License: All/Some Content for MembersNo Fee

Modern Language: English

Language of Modern Translation: English

Medieval content details:

Dates: 300 - 1500

Subject: ArchaeologyArtIconographyManuscript StudiesMaterial Culture

Scholarly content mainly includes the ICMA image database (primarily modern photographs of medieval buildings) and the Limestone Sculpture Provenance Project, which provides data on the composition of stone used in medieval monuments.

Type/Genre of Medieval Primary Source Material: ArchitectureArt and ArtifactsCastlesCathedrals, ChurchesManuscriptsMaterial EvidenceResidences: Houses, Palaces, MansionsSculpture

Geopolitical Region: AfricaEuropeMiddle East

Official website of the International Center of Medieval Art.