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This database contains descriptions of all medieval western manuscripts up to c. 1550 written in Latin script and preserved in public and semi-public collections in the Netherlands. These include the collections of libraries, museums, archives, collections of monastic orders and some private institutions open to researchers. No censorship has been carried out: all literary, historiographical, academic, hagiographical, and (para-)liturgical texts, artes texts, ego-documents etc. written in Latin or one of the Western European vernacular languages qualify for inclusion. However, fragments of manuscripts are only included when possible and useful: the texts must be identifiable or the fragments should have already been catalogued as an object. Archival documents and letters are not recorded, except when already part of another included manuscript.

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Resource Type: CatalogImagesManuscripts/FacsimilesSearchable DatabaseText: Medieval

License: Institutional LicensePaid

Modern Language: English

Medieval content details:

Dates:  - 1550

Subject: Manuscript Studies

Type/Genre of Medieval Primary Source Material: Genealogy, HeraldryHagiographyLiteratureLiturgyManuscriptsReligious TextsTextual Evidence

Geopolitical Region: EuropeLow Countries

Original Language: DutchEnglishFrenchGermanLatin