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A collection of digitized canon law texts from the Carolingian period through the fourteenth century, most of which are available for download in .pdf format, and many of which are text-searchable.

The site provides links to digitized copies of the medieval corpus of canon law¬†under the following headings: Carolingian canon law (the Dacheriana and Dionysio-Hadriana collections, and the Pseudo-Isidore); Ivo of Chartres; Decretum, Decretists (including Gratian’s Decretum; the summae of Stephen of Tournai, Rufinus, and others; and the Glossa Ordinaria); Early Decretals, Decretalists (including the Quinque Compilationes Antiquae; summae/ apparatus of Bernard of Pavia, Johannes Teutonicus, and others); Liber extra, Decretalists (including the Liber extra; summae of Innocent IV, Hostiensis, and others; and the Glossa Ordinaria of Bernard of Parma); and Registers (including the Regesta Pontificum Romanorum and other papal registers).

Resource details:

Resource Type: Downloadable dataE-bookText: Medieval

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Modern Language: English

Medieval content details:

Dates: 770 - 1400

Subject: CarolingiansChurch FathersClergyConfession, PenanceLawPapacyReligion - Institutional ChurchReligious Law

Type/Genre of Medieval Primary Source Material: CompendiaLegislationTextual Evidence

Geopolitical Region: Europe

Original Language: Latin

Medieval Creators: Magister RolandusHonorius IIIGeoffrey of TraniHostiensisBernard of Compostella the OlderJohannes TeutonicusInnocent IVStephen of TournaiRufinusPaucapaleaIvo of ChartresGratianBernard of Pavia