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Part of e-codices, the Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland, this site provides images and codicological descriptions of the medieval manuscripts contained at the Abbey Library of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Includes 573 manuscripts as of December 2015. Includes the 9th-century Plan of St. Gall (Codex Sangallensis 1092), a detailed plan of the monastery complex and the oldest European architectural drawing.

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Resource Type: CatalogImagesManuscripts/FacsimilesSearchable DatabaseText: Medieval

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Dates: 750 - 1000

Subject: CarolingiansManuscript StudiesMaterial CultureMonasticismMonks

Type/Genre of Medieval Primary Source Material: Chronicles, AnnalsCommentary, Gloss, ExegesisHagiographyLiteratureLiturgyManuscriptsMaps, PlansMaterial EvidenceMonasteriesReligious TextsRulesScriptureTextual Evidence

Original Language: GermanLatin