Project Status: Ongoing

The Chinese Text Project is an open-access digital library whose goal is to make available a wide variety of Chinese texts from ancient periods. Though the site focuses on ancient texts in particular, texts from the Tang, Song, and Ming dynasties are well represented as well. Texts are generally taken from open-source documents published elsewhere on the internet, but there are also original transcriptions as well.

The CTP also brings together a variety of resources for the study of ancient Chinese texts, including dictionaries, bibliographies, and other resources. There is also an active discussion board where questions of transcription and translation are frequently asked. The site continues to be updated regularly.

Medieval content details:

Dates: 400 - 1600

The site offers a broad array of ancient texts that extend before 400CE and after 1600CE.

Subject: ChinaGeneral referenceLiterature

Texts share the quality of being in various types of ancient Chinese and cover many subject areas.

Type/Genre of Medieval Primary Source Material: LiteratureReligious TextsTextual EvidenceTreaties

The represented texts are extremely broad and cover a variety of sources.

Geopolitical Region: Asia, East and SouthChinaMongoliaSouth-east Asia

Texts cover all of mainland China and beyond the borders into adjacent regions.

Original Language: Chinese

Represented languages are from the broad group of ancient and classical Chinese.