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Provides a digital reconstruction of the 9th-century libraries of the monasteries of Reichenau and St. Gall, including manuscript images, codicological descriptions bibliography, and virtual exhibitions of selections from the library. Also includes a high-resolution image of the Plan of St. Gall (Codex Sangallensis 1092) a detailed plan of the monastery complex, along with a modern diagram and a number of modern 2D and 3D models. [note: this site is no longer updated and has been archived]A site with digital versions of both the Plan of St. Gall and ninth-century manuscripts which survive from the libraries of St. Gall and neighboring Reichenau. This makes these manuscripts, which reside in holdings across Europe, available on a single website. The site includes extensive contextual information on Carolingian libraries, presented in the form of virtual exhibitions, authored by leading scholars in the field. These include links to some of the site’s manuscripts, as well as useful bibliographies. The website also includes clear descriptions of criteria for inclusions and editorial policy. High-resolution images of each manuscript are accompanied by notes on the contents of the manuscript, incipits and explicits, a codicological bibliography and codicological descriptions.   The scholarship and design of this site are of the highest quality. An extraordinary and extraordinarily useful website for scholars interested in libraries, monastic culture, manuscript studies, or Carolingian Europe. There are English and German versions of the site.

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Dates: 750 - 900

Subject: CarolingiansIconographyManuscript StudiesMaterial CultureMonasticismMonks

Type/Genre of Medieval Primary Source Material: ArchitectureManuscriptsMaps, PlansMaterial EvidenceMonasteries

Geopolitical Region: EuropeGerman LandsHoly Roman EmpireSwitzerland

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Website in English and German.