Project Status: Ongoing

The New York Public Library’s Digital Collections is the NYPL’s digital image archive. It contains a continuously updated selection of digital exhibitions in addition to a collection of over 4,000 images of manuscripts and many more of early printed books. The NYPL’s digital collections are global in outlook, including manuscripts from across the globe. Its holdings range from the 1200s onward, with strengths in the later Middle Ages and early print as well as Jewish manuscripts and books.

Digital entries include catalog information, multiple options for download though only in JPG format, and a timeline of information about the item where available. Digital Collections entries also link back to the NYPL’s catalog entries. Items are made freely available with citations for each item available to copy and paste.

Resource details:

Resource Type: BlogCatalogImagesManuscripts/FacsimilesSearchable Database

License: Must provide creditNo Fee

Modern Language: English

Medieval content details:

Dates: 1200 - 1600

Subject: CodicologyDiplomaticsGeneral referenceJews, JudaismManuscript Decoration/IlluminationManuscript StudiesMapsMaterial CulturePaleographyPrint History

Type/Genre of Medieval Primary Source Material: Art and ArtifactsManuscriptsMaterial EvidencePrinted Books

Geopolitical Region: AfricaAsia, East and SouthEuropeMiddle East