Project Status: Ongoing

Project Gutenberg, first begun in the 1970s, aims to provide free access to reading materials via the internet. The project currently includes over 50,000 open-access works, covering multiple subjects and representative of many time periods. Some of the works will be of interest to medievalists; editions of the Divine Comedy can be found in Italian on the site, for example, and other works of potential interest, both primary and secondary, are certainly to be found within the large collection. However, both the search and browse functions are outdated given current search engines. Even given the large number of volumes included, medieval works are more sparse than one might desire for inclusion in the MDR.

Resource details:

Resource Type: CatalogDownloadable dataE-bookSearchable DatabaseText: MedievalText: Modern

License: Must provide creditNo FeeOut of copyright

Modern Language: English

Language of Modern Translation: English

Medieval content details:

Dates: 200 - 1600

Subject: ChivalryClassics, HumanismClergyCourtly LoveCrusadesEducation, UniversitiesHistoryManuscript StudiesNobility, GentryPhilosophy, TheologyPietyRoyalty, MonarchsSaintsTheology

Type/Genre of Medieval Primary Source Material: Biography, MemoirsChronicles, AnnalsHagiographyLetters, PetitionsLiteratureReligious TextsRulesTextual EvidenceTreatises

Geopolitical Region: British Isles and IrelandEastern EuropeEuropeFranceGerman LandsIberian PeninsulaItalyLow Countries

Original Language: DutchEnglishFrenchGermanItalianLatinMiddle English

Texts by many medieval and Renaissance authors, including Abelard, Dante, Erasmus, and more.