Project Status: Ongoing

A community of  scholars, projects, institutions, and organizations that provides a searchable database of digital resources for medieval studies including texts, manuscript facsimiles, and many others, and also allows scholars to upload and publish their own work.

MESA brings together content from a number of online manuscript collections including the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the British Library, e-Codices, the New York Public Library; image collections including the British Museum and the Cortauld Institute; and journal articles from Arthuriana, the Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures, and The Chaucer Review. It also hosts a wide range of discussion groups on medieval scholarly topics, and a classroom function allowing teachers to create groups and curate content for their classes. Use of discussion groups and classroom functions requires creation of a free account.

The MESA database operates on the Collex software platform, and is affiliated with the NINES and 18thConnect projects (searchable databases of the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries, respectively). Licensing of linked content varies by provider.