Project Status: Ongoing

Named after Pierpont Morgan’s yacht, CORSAIR is a single database providing unified access to over 250,000 records for medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, rare and reference books, literary and historical manuscripts, music scores, ancient seals and tablets, drawings, prints, and other art objects. Records continue to be added for the balance of the collection as well as for new acquisitions.

The depth of detail is unusual for an online catalog. Many records include summaries of the content of individual letters, lengthy notes about provenance, and detailed descriptions of bindings. Specialized indexes enable researchers to find all of the Morgan’s holdings associated with a given name, date, or place. For example, with a single search a scholar interested in Dickens can find records for manuscripts and letters in the author’s hand, early printed editions of his novels, original illustrations, photographs, and personal possessions such as Dickens’ ink pot and cigar case.

CORSAIR also serves as the gateway to one of the largest repositories of medieval images on the Internet, providing access to more than 57,000 digitized images from the Morgan’s collection of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts. Users may page through every illustrated leaf within a manuscript, or search for individual images by place or date of creation, artist’s name, illustration type, and subject. The images and descriptions may be accessed directly through CORSAIR, or by visiting Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts.

Resource details:

Resource Type: CatalogImagesManuscripts/FacsimilesSearchable Database

License: Must provide creditNo Fee

Modern Language: English

Medieval content details:

Dates: 400 - 1600

Subject: AgricultureApocalypticismArabicArchaeologyArchitectureArtBiblical studiesByzantiumCarolingiansCelticChivalryChurch FathersClassics, HumanismClergyCodicologyConfession, PenanceConversionCosmologyCourtly LoveCrusadesDeath, BurialDiplomacyDiplomaticsEarly English StudiesEarly Germanic PeoplesEconomyEducation, UniversitiesEpistolographyFamily, Children, MarriageFood and DrinkGenderGeneral referenceGeographyGovernmentHeresyHistoryIconographyImmigrationJews, JudaismLandscape, Natural HistoryLawLinguisticsLiteratureLiturgyMagic, WitchcraftManuscript Decoration/IlluminationManuscript StudiesMaritimeMaterial CultureMedicineMiddle EnglishMilitary OrdersMonasticismMusicMuslims, IslamNobility, GentryPaleographyPapacyPeasantsPhilologyPhilosophy, TheologyPietyPlague, DiseasePolitical ThoughtPoverty, CharityProsopographyRecreation, EntertainmentReformReligion - Institutional ChurchRevoltRoyalty, MonarchsSaintsScience, MathematicsScriptural ExegesisSealsSex, SexualitySlaverySocial GroupsSyriacTheologyTowns, CitiesTravel, PilgrimageVikingsWarWomenWomen Religious

Type/Genre of Medieval Primary Source Material: Art and ArtifactsManuscriptsMaterial Evidence

Geopolitical Region: AfricaAsia, East and SouthEuropeMiddle East

Original Language: Arabic (Middle)AramaicArmenianCelticChineseCopticCzechDutchEnglishEthiopianFrenchGeorgianGermanGreekHebrewItalianLatinNorsePersian (Middle)PortugueseSlavicSpanishSyriacTurkish